Predominantly comprised of floating rate senior secured loans across a diverse group of sectors and issuers.

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Blackstone led the largest unitranche financing on record, committing the entire $2.6 billion tranche in support of Thoma Bravo’s $6.6 billion acquisition of Stamps.com, the provider of e-commerce shipping software solutions. The deal was typical of Blackstone’s focus on the very large end of the market.2

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Portfolio Holdings

CompanyAsset TypeSectorFair Value
($ in thousands)
Guidehouse, Inc.First Lien Professional Services340,979
Medallia, Inc.First LienSoftware329,719
Donuts, Inc.First Lien Internet & Direct Marketing Retail324,115
Cambium Learning Group, Inc.First LienDiversified Consumer Services 313,580
JSS Holdings, Inc.First LienCommercial Services & Supplies287,364
Stamps.com, Inc.First LienSoftware286,657
Snoopy Bidco, Inc.First LienHealth Care Providers & Services282,704
The GI Alliance Management, LLCFirst LienHealth Care Providers & Services271,223
Bazaarvoice, Inc.First LienCommercial Services & Supplies229,630
Edifecs, Inc.First LienHealth Care Technology226,887
Corfin Holdings, Inc.First LienAerospace & Defense199,887
Navigator Acquiror, Inc.First LienHealth Care Providers & Services189,845
Mode Purchaser, Inc.First LienAir Freight & Logistics174,313
Genuine Cable Group, LLCFirst LienDistributors164,139
CustomInk, LLCFirst LienSpecialty Retail161,549
Eagle Midstream Canada Finance, Inc.First LienOil, Gas & Consumable Fuels150,862
Jayhawk Buyer, LLCFirst LienHealth Care Providers & Services140,360
Livingston International, Inc.First LienAir Freight & Logistics128,211
Integrity Marketing Acquisition, LLCFirst LienInsurance124,439
Lindstrom, LLCFirst LienBuilding Products122,502
The NPD Group L.P.First LienSoftware120,978
ACI Group Holdings, Inc.First LienHealth Care Providers & Services112,200
SG Acquisition, Inc.First LienInsurance108,181
Albireo Energy, LLCFirst LienElectronic Equipment, Instruments & Components104,875
Healthcomp Holding Company, LLCFirst LienHealth Care Providers & Services104,549
Inovalon Holdings, Inc.First LienIT Services103,925
AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc.First LienAir Freight & Logistics95,915
Jacuzzi Brands, LLCFirst LienBuilding Products94,817
Unified Door & Hardware Group, LLCFirst LienDistributors93,426
LD Lower Holdings, Inc.First LienSoftware92,929
TCFI AEVEX, LLCFirst LienAerospace & Defense92,049
Westland Insurance Group LTDFirst LienInsurance91,420
Frontline Road Safety, LLCFirst LienTransportation Infrastructure87,202
Shoals Holdings, LLCFirst LienElectrical Equipment84,771
Point Broadband Acquisition, LLCFirst LienDiversified Telecommunication Services84,133
Lytx, Inc.First LienTechnology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals82,128
ALKU, LLCFirst LienProfessional Services79,044
Italian Motorway Holdings S.à.r.lFirst LienTransportation Infrastructure78,890
Red River Technology, LLCFirst LienIT Services76,729
MAG DS Corp.First LienAerospace & Defense75,217
Bution Holdco 2, Inc.First LienDistributors73,434
Progress Residential PM Holdings, LLCFirst LienReal Estate Management & Development70,324
NMC Crimson Holdings, Inc.First LienHealth Care Technology69,991
Corfin Holdings, Inc.First LienAerospace & Defense69,407
SelectQuote, Inc.First LienDiversified Financial Services68,084
Cumming Group, Inc.First LienReal Estate Management & Development67,289
Trinity Air Consultants Holdings Corp.First LienProfessional Services67,251
Triple Lift, Inc.First LienSoftware64,777
Tennessee Bidco LimitedFirst LienInsurance64,555
Barbri Holdings, Inc.First LienDiversified Financial Services64,197
Dana Kepner Company, LLCFirst LienDistributors63,304
Emergency Power Holdings, LLCFirst LienElectrical Equipment63,195
Jones Deslauriers Insurance Management, Inc.First LienInsurance62,851
VDM Buyer, Inc.First LienChemicals61,507
Spitfire Parent, Inc.First LienSoftware60,319
R1 Holdings, LLCFirst LienAir Freight & Logistics60,245
Diligent CorporationFirst LienSoftware58,806
Porcelain Acquisition Corp.First LienTrading Companies & Distributors54,814
High Street Buyer, Inc.First LienInsurance54,291
Windows Acquisition Holdings, Inc.First LienBuilding Products53,729
Fencing Supply Group Acquisition, LLCFirst LienBuilding Products52,452
Roadsafe Holdings, Inc.First LienTransportation Infrastructure50,253
Relay Purchaser, LLCFirst LienElectrical Equipment49,057
IG Investments Holdings, LLCFirst LienProfessional Services47,703
Bungie, Inc.First LienInteractive Media & Services47,672
The Cook & Boardman Group, LLCFirst LienTrading Companies & Distributors47,473
Razor Holdco, LLCFirst LienIT Services46,610
Abaco Energy Technologies, LLCFirst LienEnergy Equipment & Services45,875
WHCG Purchaser III, Inc.First LienHealth Care Providers & Services42,081
Westland Insurance Group LTDFirst LienInsurance41,740
Mermaid Equity Co. L.P. – Class A-2 Common UnitsWarrantN/A41,727
AxiomSL Group, Inc.First LienSoftware41,423
Titan Investment Company, Inc.First LienProfessional Services41,188
Other Holdings Less Than 1% Of Portfolio (144 holdings)Misc.Misc.1,763,884
  1. Includes the private debt investments for which fair value is determined by the Board of Trustees. Average loan-to-value represents the net ratio of loan-to-value for each portfolio company, weighted based on the fair value of total applicable private debt investments. Loan-to-value is calculated as the current total net debt through each respective loan tranche divided by the estimated enterprise value of the portfolio company as of the most recent quarter end.
  2. Published March 1, 2022. Private Debt Investor (PDI) selected award winners by researching news sources to compile a list of finalists, vetting those finalists and soliciting votes from readers. Blackstone Credit or its affiliates have not investigated and does not know the makeup of voters. A different set of voters may have achieved different results. Blackstone Credit does not know whether it has been rated by this or any other third party in any way that would conflict with these awards. There may be other categories for which Blackstone Credit, its funds or its portfolio companies were nominated but not awarded. The awards may not be representative of a particular investor’s experience or the future performance of any Blackstone Credit fund or transaction. There is no guarantee that similar awards will be obtained by Blackstone Credit with respect to existing or future funds or transactions. This information is provided solely for informational purposes. It should not be relied upon as any indication of future performance of BXSL or of Blackstone Credit and any of its funds or portfolio companies.
  3. Note: Represents the top six positions in BXSL as of June 30, 2022, defined as the largest privately originated positions in the top six sectors. The above reflects Blackstone Credit’s views and beliefs. These case studies are for illustrative purposes only, are not representative of all Blackstone Credit investments and do not constitute investment advice or recommendation of past investments. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and there can be no assurance that the fund will achieve results comparable to those of any of Blackstone Credit’s prior funds or be able to implement its strategy or achieve its investment objectives, including due to an inability to access sufficient investment opportunities. All rights to the trademarks and/or logos listed herein belong to their respective owners and Blackstone Credit’s use hereof does not imply any affiliation with, or endorsement by the owners of these trademarks and/or logos.